Mitchell Nelson


Kinda professionally but mostly self-taught programmer that's learning to make games.

Unity and C# enthusiast.

Screenshot of block game from BuzzTest

For legal reasons I cannot imply this minigame is based off anything. It's from my game BuzzTest.

Screenshot of racing simulator from BuzzTest

A really silly racing minigame from BuzzTest. The little cars are controlled with the Buzz controllers.

Screenshot of a 3D environment in Unity

Work in progress 3D environment for a Cert III project. Combination of standard, third-party, and custom assets.

Screenshot of forum thread on Clearboard

Clearboard - a forum software written in Laravel. Dead now, but a major accomplishment for me at the time, hence why I'm including it here.

Render of Clank

Clank from Ratchet and Clank. I modeled and rendered this in my Cert II Creative Industries.

Animation made in Cert II Creative Industries. Pretty crude but it's something.